I use this site to share my strategy for developing applications or components related to my current interests. Authentication, Authorization, Domain Driven Design, JRuby, Java, Integration, Raspberry Pi and Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Apache Camel, Middleware, Queueing, and Open Source are some of the topics I am personally invested in learning more about.

Recently I've been working through issues related to using Domain Driven Design with Rails. The legacy application under consideration was built using the SknStragey, which I would like to upgrade to include more DDD factors.

SknServices is the application I'd like to share as an example for others. SknServices is a public demonstration application which will be reflective of the methods and strategy used in my corporate application.

SknBase is runtime for SknServices. Where SknService provides Admin features, SknBase will represent an administration target or typical user. Here I'm exploring Roda, Dry-Rb, and Rom-DB as an alternative to Rails Web Development.

Github Repositories with bits of the things that are of interest to me.

Rails Version 5 demonstration application for authentication, authorization, and SknStrategy development model.
Roda-based runtime for SknServices
SknServices Demo
Online demo site of SknServices.
SknBase Demo
Online demo site of SknBase.
Ruby Gem containing useful utilities I've written to assist with the SknStrategy development model
Gtk3 BarGraph Widget
Linux C and Gtk3+ Widget containing linegraph example.
Ruby implementation of a Minimum Heap.
Minimum Heap class which used Nodes verus an Array for its internal storage.
Gtk3 Rpi Utilities
Linux C and Gtk3+ collection of utility programs designed for use with the Raspberry Pi platform.

SourceForge CVS Repositories with bits of the things that are of interest to me.

A Gtk2/GLib2 GUI application used to monitor UPS devices controlled by the APCUPSD package.
A library which provides gtk widgets for scientific/instrumentation and visualization.
GFHCM is a collection of GTK/GLIB programs that can be used to log and display information about the current status of the Stanford University Folding@home Project's Linux client program on local and remote machines, and the contributions of both your individual id and all teams you are associated with.

I will be posting new articles that go in depth on SknStrategy, here!, as soon as I decide on the markup and tooling!

Astronomy Picture of the Day

(APOD) is the source for most of the images used in my applications. MacOS has an APOD Widget which present a new image daily,

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